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Ben Whitehead


B.A. Lewis & Clark CollegeSeptember 2011 - May 2015

Major: Mathematics & Computer Science


Software EngineerOctober 2018 - Current

Kount Inc.

Using Golang to fight online fraud! I have implemented a variety of things including a business rules engine, rules editor, and IP Risk Service. Also, I have made enhancements to our online portal by writing a script to embed an AWS QuickSight dashboard into our product so that our customers can view data about the outcomes of the rules they have setup. I am currently on a high performing team that is focused on an account takeover project.

Contracted EngineerOctober 2017 - Current

Bengoetxea LLC

This is a company I have used in the past for contract work. I have made a variety of projects mostly related to data colleciton and reporting for financial markets.

Quantitative Analyst Group EngineerJanuary 2017 - October 2017

M Science

I worked closely with analysts to find data that was useful to their financial models. I discovered application endpoints, then wrote scripts to collect data at a high frequency and scale. I also managed two teams of offshore QA/Development engineers.

Full-Stack DeveloperMay 2016 - December 2016


I was on the project and maintenance teams here. I assisted with the bugs, and worked on a couple of standalone projects: including an equipment filter, a file uploader, and using RocketShipIt to manage shipping for one of our clients.

Back-End Web Developer (Contract)December 2015 - April 2016

DHX Advertising

I was in charge of all the backend development needs for DHX Advertising. I managed over 60 websites. I was brought on primarily to make a product configurator for one of their clients. This configurator is fully editable, and generates a quote based on the customer's selections. The quote can be downloaded by the customer, or viewed and edited by the applicable dealer. It is made in ruby's sinatra framework, uses AJAX and jQuery for user interface and functionality.

Software EngineerJanuary 2015 - October 2015

Savvr LLC

I was in control of a system of distributed workers, in a PHP/MySQL environment. This was for the purpose of collecting and reporting data on publically traded companies.

Full-Stack DeveloperSummer 2014 is a website I built from scratch. It is a place where the Hoffman Group's customers can go to find pdf instructions for their auto parts. The website contains product information, instructions, and manufacturer information for more than 200,000 auto parts.

Web DeveloperMay 2-4 2014

Tatoosh School is a great organization that does outdoor learning in Southeast Alaska. I helped them update their site to a new WordPress theme. This involved changing CSS and PHP in the Wordpress theme, and content migration.

Co-Founder & JavaScript DeveloperApril 27-29 2014


A coffee delivery service that I co-founded during Portland Startup Weekend. We created a web platform to facilitate the delivery of coffee via bike to coffee lovers in Portland. We sold 20 cups of coffee in our first 24 hours, and we won best customer validation and 2nd place overall in the competition.

Web Content ManagerOctober 2011 - April 2014

I worked in the office of Public Affairs and Communications, managing and migrating content for This was my first professional exposure to HTML, CSS, and PHP.

Research AssistantSummer 2013

Project Website

Worked with professor Jens Mache at Lewis & Clark College researching the best methods for teching parallel computing.